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Ann-Marie Rennie

Hello and welcome to AM Slimming And Fitness!

My name is Ann-Marie Rennie and I have been running my classes since 1995 in and around the Leicester area. My passion has been helping thousands of people lose weight and get fitter. I have 3 children, Lauren works alongside me, delivering Fitness Pilates and Bootcamps.

Tracey, teaches our Zumba Class, on Monday evenings.


Julia Stephenson “Size 10 was always a dream for me and now I’m living that dream”

Julia Stephenson

Joining AM Slimming And Fitness has been truly life changing and I have not looked back since my very first class on the 13th February 2012. Before then exercise was like a swear word for me and I could not imagine ever enjoying running. Some of the women in the office at work had been talking about Zumba classes and I mentioned it to my mum, she invited me to go with her to the Zumba/ Rosemary Conley class that she attended on a Monday night. I have never been a serious dieter and have always been under the impression it was really hard to lose weight and I wouldn’t be able to do it, how wrong was I? I never thought I would be able to lose weight and enjoy every minute of it. Not only have I found the classes friendly and enjoyable they have been extremely educational and motivating. I didn’t understand food other than mars bars are fattening and salad is healthy now I have the tools to enable me lose weight and maintain it. This has changed not only my appearance but all aspects of my life. My confidence has increased significantly and due to this I have recently secured a new job. I’ve found that being in control of my weight has allowed me to control other aspects of my life and I now have a very organised lifestyle. I didn’t realise losing weight was what I needed to do to be happier. I would make excuses like ‘they don’t make clothes like they use to’ because everything I tried on looked awful. Now I want to buy everything I try on because I can’t believe how well clothes fit. I had gradually put on weight from the age of 17 – 24, going from a size 12 to a size 16 so didn’t notice a drastic change and just thought it was my body changing shape. I didn’t have an occasion/ reason to lose weight other than to step on to my wii fit board and see ‘ideal’ rather than ‘overweight’ so I set my goal as changing my BMI category. I’ve now hit my target and the only thing I regret is not having signed up earlier. Size 10 was always a dream for me and now I’m living that dream.

Fiona Burgess – thank you Ann-Marie for your help

Fiona Burgess

Fiona Burgess – Before & After

What a difference a year can make. Thank you Ann-Marie for your help, advice encouragement and enthusiasm, I really couldn’t have done it without your support. Merry Christmas from a very grateful member x